We carry a wide variety of accessories, from muck carts, to wall decor, to outside the barn ornamental
decor, to home decor.  As always, remember, we can custom make anything you can think of.
Choose your choice of any color and design.  Thank you so much for viewing our site.
This muck cart is great for
shows, or just around the barn!  It
will haul your saddle and tack
from trailer to barn, then fold
back the saddle rack to muck the
stalls.  Heavy duty design will
well outlast standard muck carts.
Pick up, or call for shipping quote.
We offer unique bridle racks, blanket racks and saddle pad racks for your barn.  These are heavy
duty, not the "made in China" kind.   Some of our customers even use them as coat racks.  Choose
from different designs to accommodate any type of horse lover.  Designs include, barrel racing,
western pleasure, dressage, reining, cutting, and many more.  If you don't see the design you want
below, fax or email a picture, or call with a description.
Choose your favorite color.
Cowboy is 16" stands 37" tall, made
from 16 gauge steel.  Wall mount.
This would be a beautiful piece of art
anywhere you put it.  Horse laying down is
31" X 47" made of 16 gauge steel.
Paint Horse stands 13" X 30"
long, made from 11 gauge steel.
Western pleasure cowgirl is 10"
X 14" made of 11 gauge steel.
With special plasma cutting machines we can make any type of steel plate wall art
you want.  Even if all you have is a picture, or a good description of what you want.
Every barn needs a good ol'
fashioned hitching post.  Heavy duty
steel you'll never have to replace!  
3"X3" square tube, 9' across.  Made
to mount to concrete pad with 3'
legs, or 5' legs to bury like a post to
desired height.  Specify mounting
type when ordering.
How adorable would they be in
front of your barn?  
Overall guy stands 49 1/2" X 16"
wide, Girl stands 47" X 20" wide.
$47.50 each
Let us make you a cowboy riding a bull, or a band member, a pencil holder or a business card holder
out of horse shoes.  When ordering a band member, indicate which instrument when ordering.
Paint horse end table is a great
accent for any home.  Made of
steel.  Glass table top is 17" X 17",
stands 24" tall, with no-scratch
levelers on bottom.  
Coffee table to match available.  
Click the "buy now" button for
pictured item, or, choose your
own design, whether it's a paint
horse, a barrel racer, or a cow
Fax or email picture of choice, or,
call with description.
$169.95 each
$309.95 a pair
Phone:  615-374-0648     Fax:  615-374-2413   Email:  southernwelding9@bellsouth.net
Barn Accessories and Western Decor.
Any cowboy or cowgirl would be proud to hang their hat on one of
these bedposts!  These all steel beds can be passed down for many
Give us a call if you would like a different design.
Western Bed
saddle racks
Great for shows, trail events, and 4H
activities.  Slides right over the stall bars
and wont take up a lot of floor space.
Single:        $28.00
Double:       $49.00
Wall mounted
saddle racks and
free standing
saddle racks are
generally custom
ordered.  Very
durable.  Built
however you like
them.  Call or
email for pricing.
Make your bonfire
parties a hit with
the most awesome
fire pit.  Choose
the design below,
or we can create
your own custom
As shown, $985.00
pick up, or call for
shipping quote
Two Hook Tack Racks
Four Hook Tack Racks
One Hook Tack Racks
Saddle Pad/Blanket Racks
Have your cowboy standing on a pedestal
with prongs to stick in the ground.
Cowgirl also available with prongs to
stick in the ground.  Makes a precious
yard ornament.  $125.00
Jazz up your stalls with a custom name plate.  Choose from:  
stall mount, or, portable mount.  When ordering, specify stall or
portable, and add the name of your horse and color preference
Oval Wall Art is 32"X 24", choose from many
different designs.  Click "add to cart"
button for pictured item, or fax, email, or
call with your own design.  $105.00
Western Pleasure
Cowboy is 10"X 14"
Cool wall art for your barn or home.  Boots can be painted any
color you like.  16"X 36", Made from steel plates to last and
last.  Choose your color/colors.
Cuttin Cowboy is
10"X 18"  
Cowboy lantern/flower pot holder
is great for entrance ways or
flower beds.  53" Tall, 10" Wide.
Lantern not included.
These lamps have been
a big hit in my home.  No
worries about dropping
and breaking them, they
are made of steel. The
pictured lamps are of
bear and moose.  Horse
lamps are in production
at this time. .
They stand   26" tall to
top of shade and the
base is 16.5" wide.
Very sturdy, durable
$99.00 each
Click pictures for a more clear view.
These picnic tables
would make a great
place to hang out and
enjoy the day or have
some lunch.  Your
choice of several
designs are available.  
Much more durable
than your average
wood table.
Call for pricing.
Pick up, or, call for
shipping quote.
Also available without
wood to save on
shipping cost:
(For your own
personal farm brand
or scene of your
choice, please fax or
email a photo, or call
with a description).
Western Horse Bed